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After you’ve successfully bought property in Turkey and furnishings are on the way, you need to apply for following utility services:

  • Electricity subscription,
  • Water subscription,
  • Natural gas subscription,
  • Internet subscription.

First of all, you need to get your DASK policy. It is the mandatory earthquake insurance policy required by the state before you can apply for the utilities subscription. It needs to be renewed every year. Once your DASK is finalized, you can then apply for your utilities. Once subscribed successfully, we also help you with the automatic payment of bills every month. As a part of our after-sale services, we help our clients to subscribe to following utilities:

a) Electricity Subscription

Electric companies in Turkey are private. You have to notify the company from which you wish to purchase electricity. Then, you have to pay the fees. Usually the cost varies between 250 TL to 500 TL and is a one-time fee. Other than DASK, you will need a copy of title deed, tax number, passport, occupancy permit and the local phone number. With all the required documents in order, you may get the subscription within 2-3 working days.

b) Water subscription

Water is regulated by the local municipalities. In Istanbul, ISKI (Istanbul water and sewage system directorate) is the authority which supervises new water subscriptions and other related affairs in Istanbul. All the documents needed for water subscriptions are same as you need for electricity subscription. For the newly built properties, the subscription costs around 600 -700 TL. For older properties which already have the subscription, the cost is between 100 -150 TL. After submitting the documents, it takes 2-3 dasy to have running water in your new house.

c) Natural gas subscription

Gas is also provided by private companies in Turkey. When you apply for the gas subscription, the company will review your property and then approve your subscription.

Once your application is approved, the installation will be done after you clear the fees which is around 1,200 TL.The required documents are same as those for the water and electricity subscriptions.

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