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Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax applies on any profit you make by selling your property in Turkey. However, this tax applies under the conditions where you decide to sell your property within 5 years of acquiring it and have made a profit of more than 6000 Turkish lira. On profits below that, no tax is retained.

Capital gains tax must not be confused with the stamp duty which is 2.2% of the transaction value and is paid by both the buyer and the seller equally. Capital gains tax, on the other hand, is paid by the investor only at the time of selling a property.

The amount to be taxed is the difference between declared purchase value and the declared sales value. Like income tax rates, the rate of capital gains tax varies and depends on how much profit is made from the sale. For profits above 6000 Turkish lira, the rate varies from 15%-35%.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance laws in Turkey for foreigner investors are very favourable. Inheritance tax applies when a property goes to the heirs in case of the death of the owner. The tax rate varies from 1%-30% depending on the value of the property inherited.

To get a full breakdown of which taxes apply to your property and at which rate, we recommend getting in touch with your agent.

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