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Türkiye’s Famous Agriculture Investment Regions

In Türkiye, agriculture sector has major contributions to the economy. Almost 50% of the land in Türkiye is divided between agricultural land and forests. In EU, Türkiye is a leading supplier of vegetables and fruits like wheat, tomatoes, apricots, cotton, hazelnuts and other fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Agriculture investment regions are selected on the basis of key factors which influence cultivation. Weather, water and soil quality are the main factors that determine the yield of any agricultural product.

Project Locations

Our major agricultural projects are located in Manisa, Antalya and Fethiye. All these locations are ideal for cultivation and have the optimum climate for greenhouse investments, too, which is a highly profitable agriculture investment option in Türkiye.

Agriculture Investment in Manisa

We’ve a huge cultivation area in Manisa and it is just 90 minutes from Izmir International Airport. It is of great importance for the produce to reach marketplace timely and having an international airport nearby reduces transport expenses greatly. Moreover, Manisa is an ideal region for setting up perennial fruit orchards like pistachio, almonds and walnuts. We are currently working on multiple almond and pistachio orchards, all located in Manisa. We have also got thermal water which we use for heating greenhouses in winter so there is all year-round production.

Agriculture Investment in Fethiye

Fethiye is not just a popular tourist destination visited by millions every year but also an important agriculture area in Türkiye. During winter, it is one of the warmest areas in Türkiye which makes it ideal to grow many different vegetables throughout the year. There are many farmlands in the surrounding areas, too. A wide array of agricultural products come from these farmlands which are later sold at various markets.  With unlimited sunshine and natural water, Fethiye is ideal to grow some of the best quality seasonal vegetables and fruits that are highly demanded in the marketplace and have a large customer base.

Agriculture Investment in Antalya

Around 20% of fruits and vegetables exported by Türkiye are grown in Antalya agricultural region. Located in South, Antalya borders Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Taurus mountains on the other. This perfect location provides Antalya with the most suitable environment for agricultural projects. The natural greenhouse effect makes it possible for the tropical fruits to grow efficiently throughout the year.

With millions of square meters of cultivated land, Antalya agriculture sector is a major contributor to the economy. For this reason, the Turkish Government offers funding for high quality infrastructure and supports farmers through subsidies and other benefits.

Another advantage of choosing Antalya for agriculture investment project is the fact that the biggest wholesale fruit and vegetable market of Turkiye is also located here. Moreover, there are numerous retailers and facilities like cold storage warehouses, procession and packaging facilities and logistic companies. This allows for reduced transportation costs and your produce reaches the customers fresh.

Given all the above reasons, it is clear that investing in Antalya agriculture land is a great opportunity to access the market and gain reasonable profits. With minimum effort, you can sell your product readily in the market and at the best price available.

With perfect climate conditions and great infrastructure in place, Antalya is undoubtedly one of the best places to invest in if you are looking forward to gain good returns on your agricultural investment in Turkiye.


Key Facts About Production in Turkiye

Here are some key facts about the agriculture sector in Turkiye as sourced from the Ministry of Agriculture:

  • In 2021, Turkiye produced more than 30 million tons of vegetables.
  • The greenhouse production amounted to almost 8 million tons.
  • Globally, Turkiye is the 4th largest producer of agricultural products.
  • Antalya is the leading producer of fruits and vegetables in Turkiye with production exceeding 3.8 million tons.
  • Turkiye is among the top 3 exporters of pistachio fruits.

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