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Any guide to buying property in Turkey is incomplete without shedding any light on the property appraisal report. Since 2019, it is mandatory to get a property appraisal report for anyone buying property in Turkey as a foreigner. A property appraisal report is made by our certified valuation experts which is then authorized by SRK (Sermaye Piyasasi Kurulu).

Appraisal report assesses the actual value of your property on the basis of its location, condition and different features. This is especially important if you are buying property in Turkey for residency. Turkish citizenship by investment is a golden opportunity for many foreigners who wish to relocate or retire to a sun-kissed villa at the beach. A property appraisal report ensures that you pay the right amount of property taxes. Before the property appraisal reports were made compulsory by the government, a seller could announce much lower sales price in order to pay less conveyance tax. Therefore, a real estate valuation also protects the buyer against such fraudulent activities.

An appraisal report consists of:

  • Title deed details
  • Prices of similar properties in the area 
  • Real time photos
  • Position information on chart and venue
  • Property price forecast
  • Municipal and Land Registry reviewing the debt status and technical status checks.

We also offer project feasibility report which is a valuation study for future constructions. It helps you understand whether your plan is feasible or not and shows you how to make your project most profitable.

This feasibility report consists of:

  • Financial analysis
  • Project expense
  • Project income
  • Legal permissions
  • Ownership rights
  • Construction permits
  • Legal due diligence

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