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How Agriculture Land Investment Works?


In recent years, agriculture farmland investment in Turkiye is gaining more interest among the investors. With an increment in land value every year, foreign investors find owing agricultural farmland more exciting and profitable.

Property Hub offers agriculture land investment options in various regions of Turkiye. We’ve almond and pistachio orchard investment projects in Manisa and greenhouse projects in Antalya and Fethiye. Whichever project you choose to invest in, we offer transparency and full management services to our clients.

Here is how the system works:

  • When you invest in agriculture land, you have full ownership of the land with title deed in your name. 100% shares belong to you.
  • The farmlands are fully insured and best price is guaranteed.
  • We offer legal services as well as the management services for your farmland.
  • With our ‘sapling to market’ approach, we take care of everything from planting till harvesting.
  • Our management services are at no extra fee until the first harvest.
  • We also take care of the post-harvest tasks and sell the produce in the market, both international and domestic. All our projects offer high returns.


With fertile arable land, favorable climate and its geostrategic location, Turkiye is an ideal country to make a farmland investment. Personal investors are finding investing in Turkish agriculture a great opportunity to gain high returns.

Here are some reasons to invest in an agriculture land in Turkiye:

Farmland Value

There is yearly increment in the value of land. History shows that in any given period, the agriculture land investment gained in value more than the inflation rate.

Global Food Demand

Food is a basic human need and with rising global population, the food demand has also increased and continues to increase every year. There is a huge domestic market for agriculture products in Turkiye and many products are highly demanded by the international market.

Hedge against Inflation

Since the pandemic, inflation is increasing dramatically all over the world. This affects many investment products like stock and cash. But like gold, agriculture land investment is a great way to hedge against inflation that has many investors worried.

Exemption from Taxes

Turkish government support farmers in many ways like offering latest infrastructure and subsidies. For foreign investors, a great offer by the government is exemption of certain taxes which makes it affordable to start an agriculture project in Turkiye compared to many other countries.

Diversify your Portfolio

A farmland investment is a secure and profitable way to diversify your portfolio to mitigate the risks. As an investment it has low volatility which makes it a great addition to your portfolio.

Passive Income

Not only do you own a fixed asset when you make a farmland investment but you also have a great source of passive income. There are many highly profitable investment options in Turkiye like pistachio orchards and greenhouse projects with exportable products.

High Investment Returns

Date shows that farmland investments offer great return which is higher than real-estate. The high annual returns on agricultural yield is a major reason personal investors are finding agriculture investment a great opportunity.


Historically, farmland investment has proven to be a low-risk and stable investment tool. With low volatility and increase in value every year, you get to build equity and enjoy great returns on investment. This is due to the fact that no matter the economic conditions, the food demand remains stable.

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