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Exploring Bursa, Turkey: A Guide for Travelers and Investors

Bursa, often referred to as “Green Bursa” for its lush landscapes, is a historic city located in northwestern Turkey. It holds a special place in the country’s history as it was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Today, Bursa seamlessly blends its rich history with modernity, making it an attractive destination for both travelers and investors.

Historical Treasures

Bursa boasts a wealth of historical treasures, including the Grand Mosque (Ulu Camii), built in the 14th century. This architectural marvel is a must-visit for its stunning calligraphy and intricate tilework. Additionally, the Bursa Citadel and the Bursa City Museum provide insight into the city’s vibrant past.

Thermal Springs

Known for its therapeutic thermal springs, Bursa offers travelers a unique wellness experience. The city is home to various thermal baths like Bursa Atatürk Caddesi Kaplicalari and Çekirge Thermal Baths. These rejuvenating hot springs are perfect for relaxation and unwinding.

Culinary Delights

Bursa is a paradise for food enthusiasts. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor traditional Turkish dishes like Iskender Kebab, Manti (Turkish dumplings), and the famous Bursa-style candied chestnuts. The bustling bazaars, such as the Grand Bazaar and the Silk Bazaar, are excellent places to sample local flavors and shop for souvenirs.

Natural Wonders

Nature lovers will appreciate the scenic beauty of Bursa. The Uludağ National Park, just a short drive away, offers hiking and skiing opportunities in winter. In spring, the city’s gardens and parks burst into colorful blooms, making it ideal for picnics and leisurely strolls.

Investor’s Oasis

Economic Hub

Bursa is one of Turkey’s most significant economic centers, known for its thriving automotive and textile industries. It’s home to numerous industrial zones, making it an attractive destination for investors seeking to tap into Turkey’s manufacturing prowess.

Infrastructure Development

The city has seen substantial infrastructure development in recent years. Bursa’s modern transportation network includes highways, railways, and a well-connected airport, facilitating efficient movement of goods and people.

Free Trade Zones

Bursa houses Free Trade Zones (FTZs) that offer numerous benefits for investors, such as tax incentives, simplified customs procedures, and a business-friendly environment. These FTZs attract foreign investment and foster international trade.

Education and Innovation

The city is home to several universities and research centers, fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge exchange. This environment encourages investors looking to tap into the city’s educated workforce and innovation potential.


Bursa, Turkey, is a destination that seamlessly combines historical charm with modern opportunities. Travelers can explore its rich history, relax in thermal springs, savor exquisite cuisine, and immerse themselves in its natural beauty. For investors, Bursa offers a thriving economic landscape, excellent infrastructure, free trade zones, and access to a well-educated workforce. Whether you’re a traveler seeking cultural experiences or an investor looking for growth prospects, Bursa has much to offer in the heart of Turkey.

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