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Turkish Citizenship

By Real Estate Investment

Turkey offers a golden opportunity for those who want to get Turkish passport. You can apply for Turkish citizenship by making an investment in the real estate. To obtain citizenship under this program, all you need is to make a property investment in Turkey that’s at least worth $400,000. A condition to be met is that you hold your property investment for 3 years. In the past few years, thousands of investors successfully got citizenship by making real estate investments with the assistance of PHT legal team. Moreover, under this scheme which happens to be one of the most attractive yet affordable citizenship initiatives in the world, your spouse and kids under 18 are also eligible to get the citizenship.

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Property Hub Turkiye

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With an extensive experience in the real estate market of Turkey, Property Hub strives to offer the best possible investment solutions for foreigners. We are a great mix of immigration lawyers and real estate agents who have been in the industry for years. Our agents have an in-depth market knowledge which combined with the expertise of our lawyers make a great team who is ready to serve you.

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We are committed to help you make the best property investment in Turkey with the help of our multilingual sales team and expert legal board.

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We are a solution oriented team committed to finding the most creative way around for any unexpected market changes. Our team is flexible and we offer transparency in the purchase process.

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We have the most extensive and diverse portfolio of commercial, residential and land properties.

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Purchasing Options for Real Estate Turkey

Cash Payment

This is when you pay 100% upfront payment. In any convenient way: in cash or by bank transfer or through a legal entity. This is the easiest and cost-effective way as some developers offer good cash discounts up to 10%.


The commission for paying through Bitcoin is from 2 to 3.5%. This rate will, however, vary as per the property type and developer of that property. You can pay the full cost of the apartment or apply for an interest-free installment plan.

Interest-free Installments

This is provided for a period until the end of construction with a down payment of minimum 30%. Installment terms do not require a credit history, collateral and guarantee.

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