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Our clients need not worry about hiring a lawyer. We have in house professional and experienced lawyers who prepare all contracts following Turkish laws. For each transactions our lawyers prepare a personalised agreement.

We have many independent lawyers who speak many different languages beside English.

What Does a Lawyer Do for the Property Buyer?

Basically, a lawyer deals with all the legal aspects of the transactions. They keep the client updated and support them by answering any queries regarding the process of purchasing real estate in Turkey.

Check the legal documents

Every country has a different procedure of buying or selling a property. Foreigners usually are not familiar with Turkish laws and procedures. Therefore, we strongly advise you to deal with a professional and experienced real estate company.

 The most important thing is to make sure the seller is actually selling you the property he is showing you. your lawyer makes sure of that and secures your money with a due diligence report.

When you decide on the property your lawyer double checks:

Paying real estate deposit and sales agreement in Turkey

The reservation contract holds the property in the favour of the buyer and guarantees the agreed price and terms of sale. It also shows that the buyer secures the agreed terms of the contract by paying the deposit.

Real estate purchase contract in Turkey

A lawyer makes the whole process much safer for the buyer by helping them in these situations:

Cost of dealing with a solicitor in Turkey

The usual fees are around 2,500 USD + 18% VAT. It may vary depending on the lawyer and the legal entities.

Our multilingual lawyers can help you apply for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment. The process can be completed without paying any attorney fees.

Our lawyers prepare the contracts according to the Turkish laws. Our experts make sure you do not meet any nasty surprises in your real estate purchase.

Getting the best results with a lawyer in Turkey

Not working with a team of professionals carries a high risk of scams or losing money. If you are unsure of the people you are dealing with, the need to hire lawyer can not be stressed more.

We offer a property purchasing process with 100 % success rate under the supervision of our experienced and professional lawyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is 1% of the real estate sales price or at least around 2,500 USD + 18% VAT.

Yes. If they have a valid POA from you, anybody can buy a property on your behalf.

A lawyer double checks that all your documents are in order. He also makes sure that all the legal documents of the property are in accordance with Turkish laws so as to avoid any potential issues. He makes sure you close the deal safely and that your interest is safeguarded.

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