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Opening a bank account in Turkey may seem like a confusing process as a foreigner but it’s important if you’re interested in buying real estate here. At Property Hub, we assist you in every step including this. Depending on the documents you’ve ready, opening a bank account in Turkey can take one working day or more. The documents you need to have ready for bank account are: 

  • passport (passport translation may be required)

  • tax number

  • proof of your address (residence permit/utility bill)

    When you decide to invest in Turkey, it is recommended to open a bank account. This is to transfer the money from your home country to Turkey in a secure way. It is a straight forward process; easy and quick. However, language barrier might cause problem. We take care of that for you as we have agents who speak your language and will help you in every way.

Having an account in Turkey helps you in:

  • moving your money to Turkey securely

  • auto payments for utilities

  • making payments via debit card

  • invest in Turkish Lira

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