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Greenhouse Investment

Times are changing and to catch up with the progression in the agricultural world, greenhouse farming is the next innovative step. While classical agricultural investment has its own merits, greenhouse cultivation is the real game changer. In Turkiye, the greenhouse farmland space is 772.091.000 m².

In all agricultural business models, greenhouse investment offers unparalleled benefits because not only you get to produce all year round but you also control the quality of your fruits and vegetables, ensuring the best quality products. Unlike any other investment option, agriculture investment in Turkiye offers quick and guaranteed returns. When you invest in a greenhouse project, you get to collect your first income within 120 days.


Following are the benefits of a greenhouse investment in Turkiye:

High Yield with Top Quality Produce

In greenhouses we can control many factors that are impossible to do in conventional farming. This way there is a high yield and top-quality produce.

Ideal Growing Environment

We construct state-of-art greenhouses that utilize modern technologies and are fully automated. This allows for setting the ideal temperature, light and other growing conditions for any crop you choose to grow in the greenhouse.

Protection from Diseases and Pests

While having optimum growing conditions is one side of the coin, the other is vigilance against pests and diseases to ensure the quality of produce. Since greenhouses are controlled environments, it’s easy to protect against many plant diseases and pests.

Year-Round Production

Greenhouse is unaffected by seasonal temperatures and the shift in sunlight. This makes it possible to have multiple harvest periods throughout the year which increases the profitability compared to conventional farmlands.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Having a greenhouse farmland allows you to not be restricted to one particular kind of fruit or vegetable. You can grow whatever is in high demand and is more profitable.


Property Hub is currently offering greenhouse investment projects at various locations in 3 different regions namely Manisa, Antalya and Fethiye. We have carefully selected these locations based on factors like demand, climate and market accessibility.

Antalya is the leading producer of fruits and vegetables in Turkiye with millions of square meters of cultivation land. The greenhouse space in Antalya is also the largest among all regions. Being a major tourist destination all year round and having the biggest wholesale fruits and vegetables market, Antalya is the perfect place to set up greenhouses. There is constant demand of fresh produce in Antalya and with the perfect ecological conditions here, making a greenhouse investment is very profitable. Moreover, being a leading producer, Antalya agriculture is also supported by government who offers infrastructure support to the farmers.

Like Antalya, Fethiye also receives a great number of tourists every year and is close to the international airport. The greatest advantage of making agricultural farmland investment in Fethiye is the climate. Of all the agricultural regions in Turkiye, Fethiye has the warmest winters making it ideal to grow a diverse range of fruits and vegetables all year round. There is natural water and unlimited sunshine so a greenhouse investment here is undoubtedly very profitable.

Manisa is known for its thermal pools. These are natural hot springs with mineral rich water. We have expansive agricultural land in Manisa where we use geothermal heating to run the greenhouses in winter. This allows us to produce a sizeable yield throughout the year making Manisa a desirable area to invest in a greenhouse project.


For foreign investors looking at different agriculture investment options in Turkiye to be eligible for citizenship and gain high returns, greenhouse projects are a great opportunity. Greenhouse investment is a new investment trend in Turkiye that has gained popularity exponentially over the past couple of years.

  • Following are some key features of a greenhouse investment and the ways you gain as an investor:
  • For each 1000sqm that you own, the minimum produce potential of greenhouse is 40 tons.
  • Our modern greenhouses are made utilizing latest technologies so they are fully automated and easy to manage.
  • You have an all year-round harvest and not just seasonal produce making greenhouses a very profitable investment option for investors.
  • It takes only 120 days to have your first sellable harvest when you invest in a greenhouse project.
  • With a huge domestic and international market for fresh fruits and vegetables, greenhouses cater to a large market.
  • There is no risk of currency fluctuation because the product is indexed to the USD.

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