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Retire To Turkey

A bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a culturally rich country with a strong economy. Brimming with beautiful architecture, sun-kissed beaches and glorious weather, Turkey is a golden opportunity whether you look forward to retire to a quiet coastal city or are interested in buying an investment property in one of its buzzing cities like Istanbul.

For those who wish to buy house in Turkey or settle to one of its coasts for a laidback retirement, Turkey is an excellent destination and certainly a fascinating place to live in. The cost of living is modest, there is excellent health care system in place and as a foreigner you’ve plenty of great options to make money on your investments to ensure your quality lifestyle here.

Buyers are interested in knowing what is the day to day life like in Turkey and how much does it cost. The simple answer is that living in Turkey is cheap, almost 50% less than that of living in the US. For foreigners from the US and EU, Turkey offers a rich and balanced lifestyle at a great price.

Low Cost Of Housing And Living In Turkey

In last one decade, there has been a building boom making it an ideal time to make property investment in Turkey. With low real-estate prices and an excellent resale market, Turkey is a gem of a country to make investment. Since 2013, there’s a huge influx of foreign buyers interested in holiday homes, beach villas and retirement homes. We’ve seen an increased number of investors from Germany, Britain and Russia buying homes along the Aegean coast.

The prospects of Turkey becoming a member of EU are high and investors who understand the implications of this are buying property in Turkey with the comfort of knowing that their investment with reap notable profit.

Being a huge country with diverse landscape and climate, you’ve a chance to find your dream home in Turkey at a great price. While the average cost of living in Turkey is low, please note that it does vary from place to place. For instance, living in Istanbul is expensive compared to living on coast. The inexpensive cost of living whilst maintaining a comfortable lifestyle is what attracts most of the retirees to settle here.

Investment Options For Expats

As an expat or a retiree, you have also got options to earn a good income on your investments with banks in Turkey. HSBC, Garanti and other high street banks offer high-interest savings accounts whereby you can deposit large amounts and withdraw the interest earned monthly or keep the money in there to build your net worth. This is a great option especially for retirees. The interest rates fluctuate and may vary from bank to bank so it’s advisable to shop around and choose a bank that suits your needs the best.

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