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When buying property in turkey, there are different state requirements you need to keep in mind as a buyer and getting your property insured is one of them. Reconstruction of a property after a natural disaster can be very expensive and that’s why property insurance is of great importance to the owners. Paying a small amount yearly to cover for damages is more affordable for real estate owners.

DASK Insurance In Turkey:

In Turkey, it is compulsory to have earthquake insurance for all types of property. This is known as DASK, Doğal Afet Sigortaları Kurumu. Obtaining DASK is required by the government. Not only is DASK necessary to get TAPU authorization but also to get any kind of utility subscription.

At property HUB, we help our clients in getting the obligatory DASK insurance which is renewed each year. The yearly DASK insurance price you’ll pay depends on the building, its age, location and other such elements that vary from property to property.

We also have private insurance companies on board that we can recommend to our clients if they need additional coverage. Different packages are offered by these insurance companies to cover for additional damages and incidents such as fire, flood, theft, explosion and many more.

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