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Title deed, known as TAPU in Turkey, is a legal document that establishes the ownership rights and includes information on both the owner and the property. After signing the contact, obtaining TAPU and transferring the title deed in your name is the final step to complete the purchase process successfully. Even though the process is fairly smooth, it still needs in depth knowledge. At Property Hub, we assist our clients with all the legal requirements and paperwork. Our sales expert can accompany you as you go through the process yourself or we can do it on your behalf if given the power of attorney.

When you have finalized your purchase, we apply for the title deed at the Registry office. A sworn interpreter, the seller and the buyer (or your proxy in case you have assigned Power of Attorney) are to be present in the Title Deed Office. There is a 4% title deed conveyance tax. This is usually shared by the buyer and the seller. If there have been no negotiations beforehand, then the buyer is expected to pay.

The process of the title deed conveyance is as follows:

  • necessary documents are prepared. These include appraisal report, buyer’s tax number and passport copy along with translation, and seller’s ID card
  • all the documents are forwarded to Registry Office
  • payment of the title deed conveyance tax is made
  • buyer gets the possession of the property

After the conveyance, we also help our clients to transfer utility subscriptions from the previous owner to their names.

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