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Almond Farmland Investment

Why Invest in Almond Farmland in Turkiye?

Almond is a native plant in Turkiye and can be seen scattered all over as a naturally growing plant. In Manisa particularly, almond grows really well. The tree is of great importance not just in agriculture sector but also in forestry and food sectors. Investment in almond farmland is a lucrative opportunity for several reasons:

  • High investment returns
  • Increment in land value every year
  • Product with long shelf-life
  • Product with high demand both in domestic and international market
  • More yield every year as the trees grow

When we compare almonds to various other agricultural products like wheat and barley, we see that hard-shelled fruits like almonds are one of the most profitable products. The income earned on almond investment is 30-40 times higher and unlike wheat which is planted every year, almond farm is a one-time setup. Once the orchard is established, you’ll be reaping the many benefits of your valuable investment every year. As the trees grow, not only does the yield increase but also the value of your farmland. Due to these facts, investors now prefer perennial orchards like almonds.

Almond Market Size and Portfolio

There is an ever-increasing domestic demand for almonds. Even though many new almond orchards have been planted in past couple of years, the domestic demand hasn’t been met and Turkiye continues to import almonds to meet this demand.

Despite being the 5th largest almond producer in the world, 80% almonds are imported each year to meet the domestic need in Turkiye. In 2020, Turkiye imported more than 27 tons of almonds from other countries. When we include the 15% customs duty, this amounts to $123,311,000.

Prior to making an investment in an agricultural product, it’s necessary to take supply and demand in consideration. When it comes to almonds, the data is clear that there is a huge demand which makes investing in an almond farmland a rewarding investment opportunity.

With an almond orchard established, you can start supplying locally to fulfill the domestic demand which was preciously being met by importing. This allows for a handsome price for your product in domestic market and in long run, you are able to start exporting them, getting an even better price for your yield. Hard-shelled fruits like almonds have great export potential.

How Does the Almond Farmland Management System Work for Investors?

When you invest in almond farmland with Property Hub, you receive the best management services at zero maintenance fee until your orchard starts producing a sellable harvest.

Paperwork and Ownership

We take care of everything including all the necessary paperwork and transactions. Our expert legal team makes sure it is a freehold farmland at the best price and you get full ownership i.e. a title deed with 100% shares that belong to you. This is in addition to a high standard of land management services that encompass all tasks spanning land preparation such as tillage, establishing a suitable irrigation and electricity system, trees maintenance and all other necessary farm duties during the cultivation.


A professional agriculture engineer is assigned to carry out the important tasks of selecting the suitable almond seedlings for your farmland. There are a couple of different almond varieties to choose from. The seedlings are then planted at the right time of year. Autumn is considered to be the most beneficial planting period for almond seedlings as there is plenty of time for seedlings to establish themselves until spring which is the growing season.

Harvesting and Selling

It takes almost 3 years for the almond plants to mature into trees and start producing fruit. So, your almond orchard will give its first harvest starting from the 3rd year. Once harvested, the produce is packaged, taken to the market and sold at the best available price on your behalf.

Services Included in Almond Land Investment

We offer top-notch agriculture maintenance services to our clients. Our sapling to market approach offers full management services for your investment.

  • Land is prepared for cultivation. This includes procedures like tilling and preparing the soil.
  • The almond seedlings are planted at the right distance to ensure their proper growth. For one hectare, 660 pieces of tissue culture are planted at 5*3m distance.
  • We set up the water source which may require drilling and then install modern drip irrigation system.
  • All the necessary work to assemble the power supply for electricity and also the solar panels if required.
  • To ensure the land is not encroached upon, secure wire fencing is installed.
  • We offer regular maintenance services like disease and pest control, pruning, and fertilizing.
  • Harvesting, packing and selling the produce in the market the proceeds of which are transferred to you.

There’s no service fee charged until the orchard produces its first harvest. After which 30% of the total harvest is deducted as service see.

How You Gain in Almond Farmland Investment?

Investing in an almond farmland in Turkiye has multifold benefits for investors. Apart from making you eligible for citizenship, an almond farmland is a highly profitable opportunity whereby you’ve a highly efficient product whose value increases every year.

Following are some of notable features of almond orchards for investors to consider when weighing their options.

  • You own the land with 100% shares in your name and the almond orchard becomes your heritage to your future generations.
  • An almond orchard is a great source of income and the investment yield increases every year. Unlike crops that need to be planted every year, an almond orchard is planted once and then it is all about taking care of these precious trees.
  • Almond has great demand both in domestic and international market. Once established, your orchard will start producing yield from the 3rd year and the income will start generating.
  • By the 7th year, the orchard is at its full potential and from then onwards you can start generating 24-28% income
  • In additional to all the income benefits, the land value increases every year as the trees grow making the farmland way more valuable than a vacant land.
How Does the Almond Farmland Management System Work for Investors

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