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After successfully buying property in Turkey, it’s time to focus on the maintenance and management of your property especially if you want great returns on your investment. This is also true for those who’ve bought their dream villas on the coast to spend summer. Since you’re away for months, there’s to be someone taking care of your property and the daily wear and tear which is unavoidable. Keeping your property in a sound condition ensures a good resale value, too. A neglected property loses its value in no time whereas a well-cared and maintained property only appreciates in value over time.

Maintenance Of Property

  • If you bought a property in a coastal area, it’s important to aerate your property at least once in 14 days. A villa that enjoys great sea views is also at the risk of humidity issues and requires regular maintenance.
  • If your property comes with a private pool, it needs daily maintenance to make sure it stays in an excellent condition.
  • Outdoor area where there’s a chance for weeds and bushes to grow also requires a regular trim.
  • If you put your property on monthly rental or turn it into an Airbnb home, a dedicated person or team is required to manage your business for you.
  • Over time, natural wear and tear is inevitable. There will be issues like pipes leaking, broken doorknobs and so on. Fixing these problems in time ensures you don’t run into a disaster over time because of neglect.

At Property hub, we have a partner property management company to help you out. A property management company offers solutions whether you want to turn your holiday home into an Airbnb rental or want it well-maintained while you’re away. Here are some of the services offered:

Managing Your Airbnb Rental

Most of our clients who make property investment in Turkey want to turn their properties into Airbnb homes in contrast to long-term rentals. While an Airbnb offers more profit, the level of maintenance and management needed is also high. Turkey receives a great number of tourists every year which makes Airbnb a great way to earn good money on your investment. You can even turn your summer house by the beach into an Airbnb home while you’re away. At a fee of 30%, our property management company manages your Airbnb guests and maintains the property while you can enjoy the profits.

Weekly Cleaning Services

If your property is in a well-managed building complex, you don’t need to take care of a lot of things which are shared facilities like pools, sauna, gyms etc. However, for the time you’re away, your property will still need regular cleaning and checking. For such clients we offer regular cleaning services at great affordable prices. Clients can choose how often they want the cleaning services. The cleaning fees depend on the property. For a stand-alone villa, it will cost more compared to an apartment in a complex.

On-Site Caretakers

On-site caretakers are provided for houses that have spacious living spaces and private grounds that need constant attention. These exclusive homes in Turkey come with quarters for the hired helping staff. The on-site caretakers we provide are a local family, usually a team of husband and wife, who live on the property, take care of it and perform all house duties at a reasonable price. This can be up to 6000 euros for a year.

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