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Pistachio Farmland Investment


Investing in a pistachio farmland in Turkiye offers great benefits. Pistachio fruits have a sizeable domestic and international market. While Turkiye already produces a great number of fruits every year and ranks 3rd globally in terms of production, there’s still a gap that can be filled especially with the great ecological conditions for pistachio to grow here abundantly.

Following are some of the reasons that make it a great opportunity for foreigners to make pistachio farmland investment.

High Profitability – Return up to 35%

Commonly known as ‘green gold’ or ‘gold tree’, pistachio is one of the most demanded hard-shell fruits in the world. In Turkiye, the ecological conditions are perfect to grow pistachio in quite a few regions. Pistachio farmland investment yields up to 35% income which is the highest return when other agriculture products are considered. Yield that offers a high income over years makes pistachio the gold tree.

Demand in Various Sectors including Food and Pharmaceuticals

Being one of the oldest and highly nutritional hard-shell fruit in the world, Pistachio has found its place in many sectors. Apart from the food sector where it is in great demand by confectionary businesses, pistachio also has its place in the pharmaceutical sector due to its medicinal properties.

In Food sector, they are sold as dried nuts. Turkiye has the favorable conditions to grow 5 different variants of pistachio that have different maturity times and uses.

Life Span of Pistachio Orchards

Pistachio is a perennial fruit orchard. When taken care of, it takes a couple of years for the trees to reach a height of 6-9m and then their life span is of hundreds of years. This makes pistachio orchard a great gift to your future generations, too.

Long Shelf-Life – Easy to Store Product

The long shelf-life of pistachio fruits sets Pistachio orchard investment apart from all other agriculture products. When properly dried, it is easy to store the product without any compromise in the taste and quality.


Globally, Pistachio is being cultivated in an area of more than 11 hectors currently. The cultivation areas include the Mediterranean region, the Near East and the western region of Asia including Iran, Turkiye and Afghanistan.

Turkiye is currently one of the leading producers of pistachios and falls third after Iran and the USA. We’ve the ideal climate and growing environment required by pistachio trees – dry hot summers and cold winters.

Pistachio production in Turkiye is well-established in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. The mass production of fruit in recent years has shifted to Aegean Region. Nowadays the orchards are being established in various districts of Manisa.


Investors receive top-notch management services when they invest in a pistachio farmland with property Hub. Until you start harvesting, these very high standard of farmland maintenance and management services are offered free of cost.

In partnership with Turkiye’s top-rated agriculture management company, we take care of everything it needs to establish a successful pistachio farmland.

Full Ownership

With our expert team of lawyers, we also take care of the necessary paperwork and legal aspects of your transactions. Our team makes sure you get a freehold farmland and you receive the full ownership of the land with 100% shares belonging to you.

Full Management

In addition, when you invest in an agriculture project like a pistachio orchard with Property Hub, we offer full management services for your land from establishing the seedlings to selling them in the market. We also take care of preparing the land for cultivation, working out the electricity and irrigation systems, regular tree maintenance and so on.

The most suitable pistachio rootstocks are selected by a professional agriculture engineer for your land. It is imperative to select a quality that offers the healthiest yield. We select rootstocks that are resistant to fungal diseases, salinity, extreme cold and has fast growing root structure.

Harvesting and Selling

Pistachio plants take at least 4 years to mature and start producing a sellable yield. We harvest and package the product which is sold at the best price in the domestic or international market. All the proceeds are transferred to your account.


When you invest in a pistachio orchard with Property Hub, you receive a 100% freehold and managed farmland with the best agriculture maintenance services for your investment. We have a unique sapling to market approach that encompasses everything needed to make your investment a success.

Our agriculture land management services include:

  • Land Preparation

This includes everything needed to prepare the land for cultivation such as tilling.

  • Plantation

Once the land is ready for cultivation, plantation starts. For each hectare of land, we produce 416 pieces of tissue cultures which are planted at 6*4m distance.

  • Setting up Water Source

Water source for the land is established which may require drilling. We also install drip irrigation system.

  • Electricity Supply

This includes installation of power supply and/or solar panels if required.

  • Fencing

To keep the farmland secure and protect from any kind of intrusion, we install a secure wire fence.

  • Regular Maintenance Services

Growing healthy trees require regular maintenance work which includes pest control, fertilizing and pruning.

  • Harvest

This includes both harvest and post-harvest services like hulling and drying. We also package and sell the produce in the domestic and international markets.

There’s no service fee charged until the orchard produces its first harvest. After which 30% of the total harvest is deducted as service see.


Making an investment in pistachio farmland offers many benefits to the investors. Here are some key features of pistachio orchards and the ways in which investors can gain on their valuable investment.


  • Pistachio is one of the most profitable agricultural products due to a high yield. This is also why it’s commonly referred to as gold tree. There’s a high demand for pistachios in international market.
  • While we take care of the management and do the necessary orchard maintenance, when you make a pistachio farmland investment with us, the ownership belongs to you with 100% shares in your name. You receive a title deed.
  • Pistachio orchard offers a high yield with a yearly income that increases every year as the trees grow and the yield increases. You will start generating income by the 4th year and in your 8th year, you can earn up to 32% income.
  • You can start your pistachio farmland investment with 50% prepayment and then pay at easy monthly installments within 18 months.

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